Visible Effect

I consider myself a visual person. For example, I’m a wiz at math, but cannot do simple math without seeing the numbers written. Health is mostly invisible. Sure you can tell the glow of one’s skin or the size of their waist line, and approximate health. But the constant reactions occurring in our body are unseen. Science teaches the actin/myosin movements that occur in our muscles or the estrogen/progesterone cycle that occurs monthly in women. However, I cannot see those reactions occurring. I cannot see my vagina (without a mirror). How much does the visible element influence sexuality? Or Success?male symbol

Men have their external genitalia clearly visible every time they undress. When excited, the penis projects out. Even the male symbol denotes direction. Their testicles are visible. They are accepted, and included in sexual encounters. My ovaries are invisible. Most days I wouldn’t be the wiser that they even exist. I am not out of touch with my body. But so much of what makes me a woman is hidden, tucked away. What makes him a man is not.


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