Modern Feminism

In the modern world, feminism is the act of striving to empower all women to stand up for themselves and stand up for each other – feminism provides a framework for women’s empowerment in realizing who you are and who you want to be. Yet many women are deterred from being referred to as a “feminist” in the 21st century? Decades ago, a feminist was perceived as unfashionable or a man hater. Things have changed, and the modern feminist is daring to be herself, or himself, by toiling in securing the rights of women and girls around the globe.

Modern feminists come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and sexual orientations. Modern feminism is about realizing the progress our foremothers have made, while still driving the society to provide equal opportunities to all women. Like so many other movements, feminism has taken to the web to unite supporters.
Gone are days when sharing an experience with peers was such a hard decision. The digital age is allowing feminists to bring their views to the web, where women around the globe share experiences more confidently; get empowered and become more enlightened thanks to the Cooch Coach Community and others who are leading the way to the next generation of feminists.

Those who began the feminism movement back then found it necessary because of several factors:

  • Gender inequality
  • Sexual violence
  • Domestic abuse
  • Denial of reproductive rights

These are still issues today! Feminists are struggling to see an end to them. If we do not continue to push, we are at risk to lose it all. Although most enjoy these hard fought rights, others still are not able to:

  • Stand for what they feel entitled to e.g. a woman can dress as she wants without being attacked by anyone.
  • Have control over their bodies with introduction of birth control and abortion rights.
  • Go to work, make money and become very successful this is as a result of.

In generations past, it has not been easy for feminists to fight for the plight of women. I admire their bravery. Although we still must continue to push some of their beliefs, our battle, that of a modern feminist, is dramatically different. While is it important to acknowledge their progress, it is even more vital that we understand the discrepancies. I love my bra and do not hate men. In addition, did you know the average woman in the US still make almost $10,000 dollars less a year than a man, or that women have a higher rate of disability than men at almost any age? For more myth busting information on women’s health, check out the Women’s Health Review 2013. Feminism has not fully accomplished its mission yet and needs all the warriors possible. Are you contributing to the fight? Share your story with the Cooch Coach Community.


2 thoughts on “Modern Feminism

  1. A big amen to all of this! The work is definitely not done. I proudly call myself a feminist because so many vital women’s rights issues are still not taken seriously.

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