At the very least, an abortion is heartbreaking. But is the alternative better? Is it better to have a baby born addicted to meth? It is better to doom a mother and baby to a life of poverty? Is it better to risk the life of a mother and allow her cancer to spread from her cervix to the rest of her body so that a fetus can live…with no family? (I could go on.) Once we close the door on these types of abortion, it is only a matter of time before abortions are illegal in the case of rape and incest. But I promise you, illegal or not, abortions will continue. Instead we will see a rise in “back door” abortions. With that comes a rise in mortality and morbidity. “I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Choice but I am not Pro-Birth”

Source: I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Chioce but I am not Pro-Birth