We are in the business of self-improvement. We are in the business of closing the gender inequality gap.  Women are powerful, containing force to be channeled and who deserve custom health information. Cutting edge science breakthroughs must be available to all. Women should have access socially, culturally and financially to the best information about their well-being including their vagina. They should not be afraid to seek this knowledge. Women should be proud of their bodies and what their bodies can do. For all these reasons and more, there is a need for a website to provide this information. CoochCoach.com fills this gap. The website provides articles that allow women to become better informed about their bodies.

Our mission at CoochCoach.com is to empower and enable you to become your very own Cooch Coach by providing educational, entertaining and professional resources.

The blog examines many of the same topics, but from a more casual prospective. It also explores many topics relevant in modern feminism, and has a less medical focus. The blog is meant to be more interactive, so please share your thoughts! You are a valuable member of the Cooch Coach Community.


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