Modern Feminism

In the modern world, feminism is the act of striving to empower all women to stand up for themselves and stand up for each other – feminism provides a framework for women’s empowerment in realizing who you are and who you want to be. Yet many women are deterred from being referred to as a “feminist” in the 21st century? Decades ago, a feminist was perceived as unfashionable or a man hater. Things have changed, and the modern feminist is daring to be herself, or himself, by toiling in securing the rights of women and girls around the globe.

Modern feminists come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and sexual orientations. Modern feminism is about realizing the progress our foremothers have made, while still driving the society to provide equal opportunities to all women. Like so many other movements, feminism has taken to the web to unite supporters.
Gone are days when sharing an experience with peers was such a hard decision. The digital age is allowing feminists to bring their views to the web, where women around the globe share experiences more confidently; get empowered and become more enlightened thanks to the Cooch Coach Community and others who are leading the way to the next generation of feminists.

Those who began the feminism movement back then found it necessary because of several factors:

  • Gender inequality
  • Sexual violence
  • Domestic abuse
  • Denial of reproductive rights

These are still issues today! Feminists are struggling to see an end to them. If we do not continue to push, we are at risk to lose it all. Although most enjoy these hard fought rights, others still are not able to:

  • Stand for what they feel entitled to e.g. a woman can dress as she wants without being attacked by anyone.
  • Have control over their bodies with introduction of birth control and abortion rights.
  • Go to work, make money and become very successful this is as a result of.

In generations past, it has not been easy for feminists to fight for the plight of women. I admire their bravery. Although we still must continue to push some of their beliefs, our battle, that of a modern feminist, is dramatically different. While is it important to acknowledge their progress, it is even more vital that we understand the discrepancies. I love my bra and do not hate men. In addition, did you know the average woman in the US still make almost $10,000 dollars less a year than a man, or that women have a higher rate of disability than men at almost any age? For more myth busting information on women’s health, check out the Women’s Health Review 2013. Feminism has not fully accomplished its mission yet and needs all the warriors possible. Are you contributing to the fight? Share your story with the Cooch Coach Community.


16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Moms For

Many of us are inspired by our mothers. She is the reason we care about topics like women’s health equality. Valentine’s Day (or today) is a great time to thank her for everything, or at least some of these things below.

Thought Catalog

1. All the times she had to double as best friend/counselor/therapist/costume designer/hair stylist/coach/all-around-solver-of-every-problem-ever. I remain unconvinced that moms aren’t actually superheroes in disguise.

2. Forgiving us when we forget to call.

3. Listening to all our pointless dramas when we do remember.

4. Being the kind of person that we actually do want to become — because as we all know, it’s inevitable.

5. Having the incredible prowess only a mother whose babes have been scorned could — mama bear protects her cubs, sometimes excessively, but we love it, let’s be honest.

6. All those times we yelled “MOOOOMMM!!” through the house to find out where our white shirt was or what time so-and-so was getting home and all the other questions we just couldn’t go to Dad for.

7. All the things she reluctantly bought us at the cash register of any given store, all the clothes and things…

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Finnish Fem

finnish flag, #CCCFinland is a nordic country located east of Sweden. The parliamentary republic’s official language is Finnish, though Swedish is also spoken in the country. Finnish does not have masculine or feminine words. His, her, she and he all do not exist. If someone was telling a story and said, “She was visiting,” those listening would not know if someone was referring to a man or a woman, unless a name was used. Linguistically speaking, men and women are equal.

Finnish Facts

  • Finland was the first country to grant women the right to vote and run for parliament in 1906
  • Finland had a female president as well as a female prime minister
  • In 2007, women became the majority in the cabinet (11-8).

Pro-Women Advertisements

Recently, some companies have put forth advertisements that confront the persisting inequalities for women. These ads prove it is possible to empower a woman and sell a product. It is possible to breakdown stereotypes, while showing girls they have options, and still hold the attention of the public. Take a look at our YouTube playlist. Check back for more great ads! Let the list grow.

Visible Effect

I consider myself a visual person. For example, I’m a wiz at math, but cannot do simple math without seeing the numbers written. Health is mostly invisible. Sure you can tell the glow of one’s skin or the size of their waist line, and approximate health. But the constant reactions occurring in our body are unseen. Science teaches the actin/myosin movements that occur in our muscles or the estrogen/progesterone cycle that occurs monthly in women. However, I cannot see those reactions occurring. I cannot see my vagina (without a mirror). How much does the visible element influence sexuality? Or Success?male symbol

Men have their external genitalia clearly visible every time they undress. When excited, the penis projects out. Even the male symbol denotes direction. Their testicles are visible. They are accepted, and included in sexual encounters. My ovaries are invisible. Most days I wouldn’t be the wiser that they even exist. I am not out of touch with my body. But so much of what makes me a woman is hidden, tucked away. What makes him a man is not.

Be Choosy About Where You Get Your News

Why it matters where you get your news

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) featured a study on the causes of cancer. NEJM is a reliable and well-respected scientific journal. It is often the source of many news articles. However, downstream media has the ability to frame a study with a lens of its own. Take a look at some of the reported headlines regarding this article on the cause of cancer.

The second NY Times article, this one focused on a different cause, " Genes May Cause 25% of 3 Major Cancers"

The second NY Times article, this one focused on a different cause, ” Genes May Cause 25% of 3 Major Cancers”

Yahoo weighed in on the genetic side, "Genes Blammed for Some Cancer"

Yahoo weighed in on the genetic side, “Genes Blammed for Some Cancer” strongly reported, "Environment more important then heredity to cancer risk, study suggests" strongly reported, “Environment more important then heredity to cancer risk, study suggests”

One of two stories featured by the New York Times. Headline reads, "

One of two stories featured by the New York Times. Headline reads, “

The Washington Post's headline read, "Study Deemphasized Genes' Role"

The Washington Post’s headline read, “Study Deemphasized Genes’ Role”

Genes AP

The LA Times reported, "Study Ties Most Cancer to Lifestyle, Not Genetics"

The LA Times reported, “Study Ties Most Cancer to Lifestyle, Not Genetics”


Half of headlines blamed genetics as the greatest contributing factor, the other half blamed environment or lifestyle. Headlines from Various News Sources

Why would news sources frame this research differently?

Newspapers and other news sources have owners and interests. For example, The Wall Street Journal must promote business or else they will lose advertisers thus causing newspaper to go out of business. News sources, owned by large companies, often have political ties or other partners. Conservative and liberal news sources are tied to their political backers as well as their advertisers.

Over-simplifying for your good

It is only human to try to simplify something in order to understand it. But are reporters and editors dumbing down the finding of studies for your own good? Paternalism does exist in our media. Some news sources think that explaining half the story is better for their audience-YOU- who may be confused be anything that is not black and white.

Over-simplifying is not always on purpose. Reporters and editors are not always experts in the field they are reporting on. Some doctors may not even be experts in the proper interpretation of complex study data. The above professionals may be exceptional at their respective jobs. However, if the study was conducted with the help of biostatisticians or epidemiologists with a PhD, it is possible that five or six years of doctoral education may require a trained mind to properly interpret to the public.

So Which Was it?

Both! The NEJM study reported that genetics and the environment contribute to one’s risk of getting cancer. Genetics can cause us to develop cancer without any fault of our own. Lifestyle and environmental risk factors can also cause cancer. The percent of risk or quantifiable causes of cancer depend on your unique situation including your age, sex, race/ethnicity and a wide variety of exposures. Exposures can be your occupation, diet, amount of physical activity, chemicals that have entered your body and more. Some of these increase the chance of you developing cancer, other decrease that risk.

Reading only half the facts will often lead you astray. The way the author frames can influence your opinion. Cooch Coach answers to you! We are here to help you make informed decisions by presenting all the facts. This does not mean we won’t have catchy headlines. But it does mean that when we report on a groundbreaking study, you will be presented with the whole picture.